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Herbal Type-2 Diabetes Supplements To Keep Blood Glucose Under Control

There are some disorders which cannot be treated completely and diabetes is one of them. With reduction in symptoms of high blood sugar, one can live a normal life with diabetes. There are many common and uncommon reasons that result in rise in glucose in blood like consumption of foods containing high amount of carbohydrates, not being active, not having enough insulin, side effects of other medications, illnesses, stress, short-or long-term pain, dehydration, etc. With blood tests, one can know exactly about amount of glucose in blood.

Ayurvedic Supplements To Lower Blood Sugar LevelsThere are two cases of diabetes type-1 and type-2 and both pose threat to life. Type-2 diabetes is more common among people and it can be controlled with the help of supplements, healthy diet and change in lifestyle. In case of type-1 diabetes, pancreas produces less or no insulin at all due to which cells fail to absorb glucose from blood. Type-2 diabetes happens when body cells are unable to use insulin to take glucose from blood stream. In both the cases, a person suffers from symptoms like persistent thirst, increase in frequency of urination, weight loss, tiredness, itchiness, blurred vision and slow healing. Being overweight and having high BP further increase the chances of diabetes. To overcome symptoms of high blood sugar, one can take the help of Diabkil capsules which treat the root causes that result in diabetes.

These herbal type-2 diabetes supplements give following advantages:

1. Effective formula of these capsules slows down absorption of sugar in order to reduce glucose level in blood.

2. These capsules control cholesterol and triglyceride levels to avoid sudden increase in blood sugar level.

3. These herbal type-2 diabetes supplements also provide energy to overcome fatigue and weakness.

4. These enhance functions of pancreas to make more insulin in order to utilize maximum amount of glucose from blood.

5. These herbal capsules treat insulin resistance effectively. This helps body cells to use sugar from blood regularly. Thus these supplements keep blood glucose under control and in healthy range.

6. These supplements give effective results in case of genetic and hereditary cases too.

7. This ayurvedic treatment for diabetes also treats metabolic disorders and increases energy production.

8. Effective herbal ingredients prevent autoimmune disorders due to which insulin gets unnecessarily destroyed.

Diabkil capsules contain natural herbs like Kasondi, Tarvar, Arjun, Giloy, Jaiphal, Rasaunt, Safed Musli, Sajjikhar, Karela, Haldi, Indrayan, Shilajit, Vidarikhand, Kachlora, Gurmar, Methi, Jamun, Kali Musli, Bimbaphal, Neem and Sadaphul. Regular use of this herbal treatment for madhumeha reduces risk of permanent blindness, amputations, kidney failure, stroke and heart failure caused due to diabetes.

Regularly go for blood test to keep track of blood sugar level. Follow healthy eating habits like taking foods with low glycemic index, high fiber content and low carbs. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily to bring down high blood sugar levels. Regular exercises can also help in keeping blood glucose in healthy range as it increases utilization of glucose for energy production. It is recommended to take these herbal type-2 diabetes supplements regularly for 3 to 4 months to get long lasting relief from high blood sugar symptoms.


Herbal High Blood Pressure Supplements To Lower Hypertension Naturally

High blood pressure is also known as silent killer and there are many cases where people died in sleep due to heart attack caused by high hypertension levels. Both physical and mental conditions affect healthy heart functions and BP.

Herbal Remedies To Control Hypertension

There are some common causes that affect normal blood pressure:

1. Heart – Problem in valves and malfunction of nerves in heart muscles increase pressure in blood.

2. Kidneys – This organ not only filters blood but also regulates volume of blood depending on the amount of sodium present in blood. Any dysfunction of this organ can raise BP levels.

3. Blood vessels – When arteries become hard or clogged, heart muscles needs to pump harder in order to push blood in circulation system.

4. Stress level – During stressful conditions, body produces certain hormones that increase BP for temporary time. This causes heart to beat faster and makes blood vessels narrower.

5. Thyroid – Due to underactive thyroid glands, blood pressure becomes high often.

Overtime problem of high BP can also increase the risk of hypertension, strokes, cardiac arrest and other life threatening conditions. There are some home remedies which can help in lowering down high BP:

1. Cutting down consumption of salt lowers down amount of sodium in blood. This maintains fluid balance in body as sodium in blood drags water from body tissues.

2. Drink plenty of water to flush out excess of sodium from your body with urine.

3. Taking hibiscus daily with hot water gives effective results. Due to diuretic nature, hibiscus absorbs sodium from blood and flushes it out with urine. This prevents unnecessary increase in fluid level in blood.

4. Drink coconut water daily to lower hypertension naturally. Presence of potassium and magnesium in coconut water can regulate functions of heart muscles.

5. Eating garlic on empty stomach every morning keeps BP under control. Allicin compound present in garlic reduces hypertension along with giving several other benefits.

To keep blood pressure under control naturally for prolong time, one can use Stresx capsules. These ayurvedic high blood pressure supplements are highly beneficial. These capsules lower down BP and keep heart healthy. Effective ingredients of these capsules can treat every reason behind high BP. Stresx capsules provide the following benefits:

1. These supplements reduce secretion of cortisol that causes stress, tension and depression.

2. The effective ingredients of these herbal high blood pressure supplements can improve heart muscles and can keep heartbeat normal. Thus, heart pumps out blood with normal pressure.

3. These supplements contain herbal formula that can draw excess of sodium from blood stream.

4. These herbal capsules enhance functions of kidneys too. This prevents increase in volume of blood that kidneys circulate in body.

5. Active ingredients of these capsules prevent build up of plaque and blood clotting in veins that interrupt healthy flow of blood.

6. These supplements also prevent hardening and narrowing of blood vessels.

7. Unique formula of these capsules prevents effects of disorders like diabetes on blood vessels.

Stresx capsules contain extracts of natural herbs only. This ayurvedic treatment for high blood pressure possess Shankhpushpi, Arjun, Gul Chandni, Jyotishmati, Ashwagandha, Kahu, Aam, Brahmi, Elayachi Choti, Shudh Shilajit, Kesar, Ajwain Khurasani, Ganjwan, Moti Bhasma, Chotachand, Champa, Safed Musli, Jadwar and Tuj. These herbs possess anti-inflammatory, diuretic, healing and anti-stressor properties so these are helpful in controlling BP. Take these herbal high blood pressure supplements for at least 3 to 4 months to get long lasting results.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hemorrhoids To Cure Bleeding Piles At Home

Pressure to pass hard and large stools cause piles in anus to swell and this is the root cause of bleeding and painful piles. Eating complex foods and drinking less water results in formation of hard stools. People suffering from chronic constipation from prolong time are the ones who are at high risk of hemorrhoids. Toxins that are present in foods we take or produced within body slow down digestion and affect healthy colon functions. This makes it difficult to pass stools during bowel movements. Many people decline the urge for bowel movements due to fear of pain and bleeding and thus invite many other health problems that worsen the condition of a person. Hemorrhoids can be internal and external and it depends on the amount of inflammation happening in anus walls. Redness or wounds around anus indicates inflammation in piles. Lumps formed in anus due to inflammation obstruct bowel movements and if one forcefully passes stools, it causes bleeding and pain.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Internal And External Hemorrhoids

By using home remedies, one can get effective relief from mild inflammation in piles. Applying icepack on the affected area for 10 -15 minutes constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Massaging with aloe vera gel gives instant relief from burning, irritation and swelling in inflamed pile masses. Applying anyone of the coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil on affected area is another good option for getting relief from mild hemorrhoids problem. These natural methods can cure bleeding piles instantly in case of internal hemorrhoids.

To overcome this problem completely, one can use Pilesgon capsules which provide the best ayurvedic treatment for piles. These herbal supplements are useful in treatment of both internal and external piles. Active formula of these supplements can contract or reduce piles mass in anus. These capsules are also designed to prevent constipation and regularize bowel movements. Herbal ingredients of these supplements protect intestinal walls, colon, rectum and anus from toxins and other harmful chemicals. These capsules also prevent strain in anal walls and give quick relief from irritated veins. Regularly taking this ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhoids can reduce chances of this problem from coming back. Regular bowel movements bring back health on track and improve overall well being of a person.

Pilesgon capsules contain the following herbs:

1. Kathha – This medicinal herb effectively stops swelling and bleeding in colon which happens due to hard stools.

2. Rasaunt – It possesses anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This herb also calms down and soothes swelling in blood vessels.

3. Kalijiri – This herb is known to improve digestion and treat constipation. It also improves metabolism to keep bowel movements regular. Therefore, it is included in making this herbal bawaseer treatment.

4. Indraju – This therapeutic herb can treat various ailments in digestive system.

5. Reetha – This herb is known as a natural cleanser and thus it helps in clearing stools from intestines and colon.

6. Ayapana – It gives relief from stomach ache caused due to indigestion and gas. This herb effectively treats infections in colon, anus and intestinal walls too.

7. Shudh takan – It neutralizes acidic and toxic gases and gives instant relief from bloating.

These herbs are blended with extracts of Haritaki, Hemsagar and Khun Sosha to form Pilesgon capsules. Unique ratio of these herbs makes Pilesgon capsules highly effective. Regularly take this ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhoids for 3 to 4 months to get excellent results.

Ayurvedic Remedies To Relieve Acid Reflux And Get Rid Of Stomach Gas Naturally

Acid reflux is a kind of digestive disorder which causes discomfort in food pipe and stomach. If acidity happens regularly after eating meals, it indicates chronic problem and it cannot be treated with home remedies only. Hydrochloric acid production in stomach is normal as it helps to digest food but if this acid is produced in more than the required quantity, it comes up towards food pipe and results in heartburn. Acid reflux shows signs like vomiting or turning down food, coughing, respiratory problems and gas formation in stomach. This gas formation in stomach further results in blenching, bloating and farting. One should limit the use of spices and oil in foods to avoid acidity. In acute case of acidity, a glass of cold milk is enough to get relief from heartburn. If this problem still occurs then it indicates need of treatment. Ignoring acidity problem can cause one to suffer from serious health problems. There are natural herbs which help in getting long lasting relief from acid reflux problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Acidity

Herbozyme capsule is the effective ayurvedic treatment for acidity and indigestion as only natural herbs are used to manufacture these supplements. No matter how intense is the effect of acidity, these supplements give complete relief from heartburn and stomach gas within short time period. These herbal supplements support proper digestion also. Effective formula of these capsules can treat constipation, acidity, belching, diarrhea and flatulence which happen as a result of excessive acid production in stomach. These capsules help to get rid of stomach gas and all kinds of digestive problems that cause acidity to happen. These supplements are not like OTC antacids and thus are completely safe and give long term results. Active herbal ingredients of these supplements not only neutralize the acid present in stomach but also improve health of gastric glands to prevent this problem from coming back again. These ayurvedic remedies to relieve acid reflux also reduce risk of ulcers in stomach.

Natural herbs used in Herbozyme capsules are:

1. Sat Podina – It instantly gives relief from vomiting and headache which happen as a result of indigestion and acid reflux.

2. Hing – This ingredient has been used from years to treat gas and flatulence in stomach and abdominal area. It gives instant relief from pain caused due to gas formation.

3. Madhur kshar – This natural herb is used in herbal acidity treatment as it contains antacid which effectively treats metabolic acidosis and reduces excessive acid production in stomach.

4. Ajwain – This medicinal herb fights against various problems in digestive tract and gives instant relief from indigestion. It also possesses anti-hyperacidity property.

5. Podina – This herb neutralizes acids and toxins in gas formed due to excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid. It gives relief from cramps and prevents constipation. It regularizes bowel movements too which further prevent acidity problem from occurring frequently.

These herbs altogether make Herbozyme capsules as the best ayurvedic remedies to relieve acid reflux. Regularly use these ayurvedic remedies for 3 to 4 months to get the best results. There are some foods like basil leaves, fennel, cinnamon, buttermilk, jaggery, cloves, cumin, ginger, apple cider vinegar, coconut water and banana which one can include in daily diet to achieve fast results.

Ayurvedic Oil To Relieve Muscle Pain And Ease Joint Stiffness In Old Age People

Muscle pain generally involves more than one muscle and happens regardless of the age. Muscle pain can also involve tendons, fascia and ligaments. It generally happens due to overuse of muscles, tension, stress and minor injuries. Stiffness at muscles or joints limits the range of motion and one has to use a lot of energy to make movements due to stiffness. Acute pain can be treated with the help of home remedies but for chronic muscle pain one needs treatment. Ayurvedic remedies are much safer for treating pain and strain in muscles and joints.

Ayurvedic Joint And Muscle Pain Relief Massage Oil

One can use Rumacure oil which is made up of natural herbs only. This oil is highly beneficial ayurvedic oil for joint and muscle pain. This oil easily goes deep into skin and reduces inflammation in nerves and muscles. This further improves blood circulation and brings nutrition and oxygen towards joint parts. Rejuvenating action of this oil speeds up regeneration of cells and muscles. This heals and repairs damage in joint area which causes pain during movement. Nourishment further strengthens ligaments, tendons and fascia which are needed to hold bones and muscles at joints. Healthy cartilage prevents grinding of bones and properly absorbs shock during impact or movement at joints. This oil also gives effective relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, sciatica, spondylitis, rheumatoid disorders, etc. Regular use of this oil not only reduces pain and inflammation but can also ease joint stiffness.

Herbs present in Rumacure oil make it the most effective ayurvedic oil to relieve muscle pain. This oil possesses the following given herbs:

1. Dalchini Oil – The high anti-oxidant components of this oil improve the health in a number of ways such as stimulating immune system, decreasing inflammation, fighting depression, etc. This oil instantly eases and comforts movements at joints. It is highly useful in chronic case of arthritis.

2. Tarpin Oil – This oil is made from resin of certain pine trees and it is highly beneficial for joint pain, muscle pain and nerve pain. Hence, it is included in making this herbal pain relief oil for arthritis. It is also used to relieve toothache, cramps, sprain, cold sores, lung congestion, etc.

3. Castor Oil – It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and therefore it can reduce inflammation in short time period. Since this oil gets absorbed easily by skin, it can treat sore muscles and inflamed nerves effectively. This oil is used to treat almost all cases of arthritis. It decreases inflammation at joints and reduces muscle pain. It effectively increases blood circulation in the body. This oil also possesses antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Its powerful healing action repairs damage in muscles and joint parts quickly.

These oils are mixed with Kapur oil, Gandhpurna oil and Buleylu oil in a definite proportion to make Rumacure oil. This effective oil does not comprise of any artificial material and therefore it is safe to be used for prolong time also. It is suggested to regularly use this ayurvedic oil to relieve muscle pain and get relief from joint stiffness. To get the best results, one should use this oil for at least 3 to 4 months.

Ayurvedic Iron Deficiency Anemia Treatment To Improve Hemoglobin Count

Anemia generally happens due to three main reasons: slow red blood cell production, high speed of red blood cell destruction and loss of blood. Erythropoietin produced by kidneys is responsible for production of red blood cells in body. Bone marrow produces immature RBC’s which mature after seven days and are released in blood stream. Poor functions of bone marrow can lower down RBC count. Generally, RBC’s survive on average for 120 days and if these get destroyed before this time period, it creates shortage of RBC’s in blood resulting in anemia. Hemoglobin (protein) present in red blood cells helps in carrying oxygen from lungs to the rest of the body and brings back carbon dioxide from the body towards lungs in order to exhale it. Low hemoglobin level, due to iron deficiency, disturbs this process. Blood appears red due to presence of red blood cells in major amount and these RBC’s get their red color from hemoglobin. Therefore skin appears pale or whitish when red blood cell production lowers down.

Ayurvedic Supplements For Iron Deficiency Anemia

Blood also carries cells and antibodies which are helpful in fighting infections. Hence, when RBC count becomes low then immunity also gets affected. Women are at higher risk of suffering from anemia because of heavy menstrual bleeding, pregnancy and childbirth. To overcome these three major reasons of anemia, one can use Feroplex capsules. These capsules provide the most effective ayurvedic treatment for iron deficiency anemia. These supplements bring back spleen functions of track and thus prevent destruction of healthy red blood cells. This maintains RBC count in blood. These supplements also provide important nutrients like vitamins B6, B9 and B12, vitamin A, iron and copper which are essential for producing red blood cells. These capsules enhance health of kidneys and prevent interruption in production of erythropoietin that governs process of red blood cell production.

Increase in red blood cell production helps in speedy healing of wounds due to proper blood clotting. One also gets relief from symptoms like yellowness in eyes and skin, paleness and coldness in skin, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, weakness, palpitations, rapid heart rate, chest pain, angina, heart attack, spleen enlargement, insomnia, headache and leg cramps.

Following herbs are used in this ayurvedic iron deficiency anemia treatment:

1. Mandur bhasma – It increases hemoglobin levels, helps in formation of red blood cells and lowers bilirubin.

2. Lauh bhasma – It is calcined form of iron which instantly increases production of red blood cells. It acts as a fuel for production of new RBC’s in bone marrow and it further increases ability of body to absorb more iron from foods.

3. Mishri – It is included in this iron deficiency anemia herbal treatment as it is a kind of confectionery mineral which supports RBC production and promotes energy production in body.

4. Kasis bhasma – It contains iron in abundant and therefore it is very useful in treating anemia. It also helps in treating menstrual disorders in women. This herb possesses anti-spasmodic, hematogenic and emmenagogue properties which support RBC production and improve hemoglobin count in blood.

One can eat foods like nuts, beans, dried fruits, cereals, whole grains, soy products, dark green leafy vegetables, etc., along with Feroplex capsules to get fast results. Take this effective ayurvedic iron deficiency anemia treatment for 3 to 4 months consistently to get the best results.

Ayurvedic HGH Supplements To Become Taller After 20 Naturally

It is seen that persons from the same family have slight height difference and this happens because height growth depends on one’s body development process. Height increases because of growth plates (epiphyses) in the bones. As one reaches the end of teenage, the growth plates become mature and fuse and thus stops growth of bones. There are few major factors which slow down body development and height growth like deficiency of thyroid, low level of testosterone or estrogen and the most important one is lack of HGH. Growth of bones does not completely stop after puberty and therefore it is possible to increase height to a few inches after growth period also. Many people wear high heel footwear to add few inches but it is very uncomfortable method. People who are less active in physical tasks are generally the ones with shorter height. Genetic and hereditary factors can also be accounted for small stature. Tall height is not only indication of good health but it also boosts confidence in a person.

Ayurvedic Supplements To Grow Taller

With the help of Long Looks capsules, one can become taller after 20 naturally. These powerful ayurvedic HGH supplements improve bone health and help one to increase height to few more inches. These herbal height increase supplements contain ingredients which enhance functions of pituitary gland and increase secretion of HGH. Nutrients provided by these capsules help in proper growth of epiphyses after puberty also. Thus, both length and density of bones increase which further improves structure of bones naturally. Nutrition keeps joints healthy, prevents loss of bones at joints due to friction and also maintains so far achieved height. It prevents chances of hunchback and bending of back which generally happens with increasing age. Vitamin D present in these supplements helps to use calcium properly in body to regulate various functions and to increase density of bones. Bones in turn get the required strength to maintain proper posture of sitting and standing.

These ayurvedic capsules to increase height also maintain thyroid levels and calcium metabolism in body to speed up height growth process. Long Looks capsules possess following herbs:

1. Spirulina – It provides nutrients like iron, calcium, etc., and increases absorption of nutrients from foods. Thus, this herb helps to overcome deficiencies which slow down growth of bones.

2. Preservative – It inhibits microbial growth that causes damage to bone tissues.

3. Antioxidant – It prevents cell damage in body due to free radicals and toxins. It also prevents body cells from dying or working slow. This keeps bone tissue regeneration regular.

4. Amla extract powder – It is rich in vitamin C, a micronutrient which is essential for bone matrix quality and collagen synthesis. Hence, it is included in these ayurvedic HGH supplements.

5. Neem extract powder – From root to leaves, this plant contains high medicinal value. It has the ability to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Therefore this herb keeps bones protected from infections. Thus bones remains healthy for long time period even with increasing age.

With regular use of these ayurvedic HGH supplements for 3 to 4 months, a person can increase height up to 6 inches. Healthy diet and regular exercises along with these supplements can help to attain faster results.